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DSL Detail

Eastex Telephone Cooperative Inc. Now Offers DSL Service To Selected Areas

Download the SDSL Contract (PDF - 127 KB)

Download the ADSL Contract (PDF - 127 KB)

Eastex is now offering DSL (high speed) Internet service as an additional telephone service to those Eastex Telephone customers who are within the serving areas. The phone line length (measured by cable route) between the DSL equipment and the customer's computer must be within approximately three miles or less to achieve the high-speed this service is intended to provide. Below are the prices for the different levels of service. Keep in mind these prices include the costs of the DSL line charges through Eastex Telephone Cooperative and the cost of Internet service through Eastex Net combined. To experience this service first-hand, please visit one of Eastex Telephone's Business office locations below.

Eastex Telephone Cooperative is currently taking orders from customers interested in DSL service. Pre-qualification of these customer's lines will be performed to decide whether the line meets standards for DSL service. Should you want your line checked for acceptability or if you simply have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding DSL, please complete our DSL Inquiry form.

Premium (SDSL with symmetric speeds up to 8 Megabits per second) $129.95+tax****

Platinum (ADSL with asymmetric speeds up to 5 Megabits per second) $89.95+tax****

Prime (ADSL with asymmetric speeds up to 3 Megabits per second) $69.95+tax****

Power (ADSL with asymmetric speeds up to 1 Megabit per second) $49.95+tax****


Available DSL Modems/Routers

Modem Type Price Rental Rental Price Ethernet USB
SDSL 1 Ethernet Port Modem (requires customer-owned router) $240.00 N/A Yes
ADSL 4 Ethernet Port Modem/Router with 802.11b/g Wireless $50.00 Yes $5.00 Yes

Purchasing 3rd-party Modems/Routers

You may choose to purchase from a different vendor in which case the modem should be pre-certified to be compatible with Eastex DSL equipment.

****ADSL modems and/or modem/routers purchased by the customer from a vendor other than Eastex must be compatible with Eastex's equipment. Eastex WILL NOT be responsible for technical support on modems and/or modem/routers that we do not offer for sale to the customer. Eastex requires the following specifications: The modem and/or modem/router must be capable of supporting PPP over Ethernet. The ADSL modem and/or modem/router must be capable of allowing the VPI and VCI to be changed to 0 and 35. The ADSL modem/router must not be a bridging type. The modem/router must be compatible with the Alcatel chipset incorporated in Eastex's equipment.
SDSL modems are modem only units with a single Ethernet port facing the customer. The customer is responsible for providing a router to place behind the SDSL modem that is capable of terminatiing a PPP over Ethernet session. The customer provided router must have sufficient Ethernet ports and/or wireless capabilities necessary to suit the customer's needs at their particular location.

The listed speed is between your DSL modem and our DSL equipment. The speed you may encounter to sites on the Internet may vary and is dependent on the slowest link between you and the site you are visiting. There may also be additional costs involved if the telephone wiring in your home or business isn't acceptable and must be upgraded. This wiring upgrade can be done by Eastex Telephone personnel or by an individual of your choice.

These services are ONLY available to Eastex Telephone customers whose line qualifies. To have your line checked for qualification, call your local Eastex Telephone Cooperative office.Top